08 July 2007

Mug Shots

I was playing around in Painter and decided to start making mug shots of some of my characters for one of the fantasy WiPs. This could be the female protagonist, but after looking at it a while, I think the woman I have in mind for the female lead is a bit younger, however, so I'll have to do another picture and probably use this one for a different character.


Anonymous said...

She has the same look that the secretaries have at the college....when they don't have air conditioning.

Carla said...

She looks a formidable lady. I wouldn't like to annoy her!

Constance said...

I thought it was YOUR job to make sure the secretaries have air conditioning, brother dear. I wouldn't mess with them. You could end up with a worse state vehicle than you already have.

Think 'Vespa'.

Carla- Definately not my female protagonist then. Maybe in a few years, but right now she's just learning how to use the business end of a sword.

Gabriele C. said...

Hehe, that lady looks like she knows how to use the business end of a sword if anytone threatens the caraven with spices and gold she's just leading through the desert.

sounds Arab