16 December 2008

A Corgi Guide to Cold Weather

Saturday it was a frigid -34 (with the wind chill). Sunday it climbed up to -19, and Monday it warmed right up to -7. My back porch door looked like something out of the movie The Day After Tomorrow, when the ice creeps down the building and frosts everything it touches. I had to point a space heater at the dog door to keep it unthawed enough for use.

The longest either furball stayed out on Saturday was 6 minutes, by Monday they were sitting on the top step of the back porch and basking in the sun, -7 notwithstanding. Of course afterward they would come in the house and want to shove their frozen noses into my hands. I thought about putting the nylon and velcro booties on their feet, but when I pulled the footwear out of the drawer, both dogs mysteriously vanished. Since when are warm feet unfashionable? Apparently, for a Corgi, cracked pads are a risk they are willing to take over the embarassment of sporting red and blue booties. ("All the neighbor dogs will laugh at us!")

Maybe I'll tune in Animal Planet and show them how sled dogs wear their booties with nary a long-suffering look. Or mention how cold, icy feet are really not welcome on my bed.

Like the Corgis are going to believe that.

After a few minutes of tearing about the frozen yard, barking up a storm with the neighbor dogs - 2 schnauzers, a pomeranian, a min pin, two West Highland Terriers, a husky, and two labs, one black one gold (Yes, we like dogs in this neighborhood, that's five yards, 11 dogs...) Max and Merlin decided they had worked enough and it was down time.

Here is Max in Corgi Power Nap Mode™.




And Merlin? Wallowing in toys and chewies.

"Mine, all mine I tell you! All the hedgies belong to me!"

*Insert world-dominating cackle*

... "uh, at least until Max wakes up..."



Carla said...

Aww, so cute :-)

Apparently dogs really can feel embarrassment, so that explains the resistance to the booties...

Constance said...

I've known that about dogs for... ever. And don't try and convince me they don't know when they've done something wrong. They know. :) But hey, the booties are quite stylin'. What's their problem??