07 December 2008

Sunday Poem - Poem A Day Misfit

This poem doesn't fit my overall theme for the Poem A Day Project, but it appeared anyhow, so I offer it up for Sunday dinner. I'm attempting to whittle my poems down into some kind of coherent whole. I may have to backfill with a few older poems to make the 10-20 themed poems for the PAD Chapbook Contest, we'll see. Oddball poems like this are okay, they break things up in unusual ways.

Canis At Rest

by Constance Brewer

The vigilant border collie

likes to grab a quick sleep

with black head propped

upon my booted foot. One

ear keeps cocked for work

or trouble, the blue eye flicks

behind closed lid, attentive

even while dozing. Sprawled

to the side, a mud-caked paw

twitches in anticipation—

stalking movement from dream

sheep. I'm reluctant to shift,

needles pin my instep to the floor.

I wait, on edge, until the nap

is finished, when the house

wolf will rise to groom the dark

fur with sharp, white teeth.



S.L. Corsua said...

I can see the collie so well, how he/she is exactly positioned here. The lines "a mud-caked paw/ twitches in anticipation—/ stalking movement from dream/ sheep" is endearing to read, such an interesting detail that links a connection between the body and the mind of the four-footed dreamer. (grin) Cheers.

Constance said...

S.L. Corsua - Thanks for your kind words, and thanks for stopping by. You must know dogs, and how they love to make themselves comfy on one of your body parts. *g*

Carla said...

Lovely image.

Constance said...

Carla - thanks. :)