18 April 2009

April 18 - Poem A Day Challenge - Interaction

Today's prompt: "I want you to write a poem with an interaction of some sort. The interaction does NOT have to be between people, though it can. For instance, you could write about the interaction between a bee and a flower; or an owl and a field mouse. Or just write about a traffic cop getting into an argument with a speeder. Just as long as there is some sort of interaction going on." Poetic Asides

The image that came to mind was how the mountains appear on the horizon after a long drive from the east to the west. Most of the time they take me by surprise, one minute there is nothing but endless prairie, next thing I know, there are mountains, with little transition in between. I used to think I was just not paying attention, but there are places where they appear to just rise out of the plains like divine monuments.

Horizontal, Vertical

Comfortable as night married
to day, steadfast as the shore dashing
down to kiss the sea, mountains
spill forth on the horizon
without the midwife of foothills
to intervene. Thrust abruptly
from the earth by unseen Titan
hands, a symbol of hopeful transition
never intended by an impartial
nature, who buries her malice
amidst snow-capped peaks.
An almost imperceptible
tilt of plain and prairie leans
travelers forward in anticipation.
From a great distance, traversing
the security of a horizontal
world, the muted wall of mountain
appears tranquil, mirroring
distant ocean before a storm.


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