21 April 2009

April 21 - Poem A Day Challenge - Haiku

Today's Prompt: "Here are the two prompts for the day (you only need to choose one, unless you're all about pushing yourself to the limit):

1. Write a haiku. The haiku is not just a form but a genre of poetry. People sometimes go into writing a haiku and end up with a senryu or a faux-ku, but it's all good (and all poetry).

2. Write about the haiku. I know there are some poets (in this very group even) who are anti-form. So, I'm giving them the option to write their anti-haiku manifestos. Of course, if you pay attention to this 2nd prompt, it doesn't need to be anti-haiku; your poem could be questioning or even praising the haiku. Or something." Poetic Asides

I like haiku. I like the constraints and the need to reduce everything, distill it down to an essence. They aren't easy to write well. I think I spent the same amount of time on these two haiku as I did on longer poems. I know haiku rules aren't cut and dried, and I will bend them if necessary, but part of the fun is trying to work within the constraints of the form. I did one, then another came to me, and I played with it a while, finalized and posted it. Yes, I overachieved. Don't tell.

A pair of haiku

sudden morning rain
earthworms rise to the surface
become hieroglyphs

twin lambs stand, totter
new mother grazes head down
eagles soar overhead



Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Hi, Connie! I was so inspired by your commitment to writing a poem a day for April that I just made a commitment myself--although on a smaller scale... I'm going to leap in and finish out the month (although with my own prompts, not from this particular challenge). I figure there's nothing to lose, and maybe a few decent poems to gain!

Love your haiku--now I'm curious if the few I've written are actually faux-ku....hmmmmmmm. :)

Constance said...

Hi Amanda!

Glad you are joining me - sort of. It's been an interesting trip, trying to do the poem a day. A lot of work too, but inspiring also.

I have a good book on haiku - remind me to bring it to Bearlodge, you'd like it. :)