22 May 2009

Birthday Boys

No, it's not another Corgi post. This one is birthday wishes for two May 22nd boys, my brother, Anonymous, and my eldest child, Son One.

Born on the same day, 32 years apart, they share an awful lot in common.

Exhibit A - Anonymous

Exhibit AA
- Son One

Kind of scary, huh? Of course Son One has longer hair now, and a fixation on musical instruments: Here he's working on staining the body of his latest electric guitar for his coursework at Roberto Venn School of Luthiery.

Since I don't have any recent pictures of Anonymous, you'll have to pretend the awesome extended fork, banana seat with spoiler bike in this picture is his BMW motorcycle. (Ignore the girl on the right, her bike was fairly utilitarian . . .)

More commonalities - Anonymous makes a living playing with electricity, and wiring things to be loud and/or bright.
Son One wires up an electric guitar, because after all, max decibels would make his uncle proud.

A last pic of Anonymous, because I can, and because he looked so thrilled to be standing out in the backyard, by a cornfield, getting his picture taken with his dorky little sister.
Happy Birthday, Anonymous Bro.



Anonymous said...


What a great "flashback"!

I had forgotten about my early "chopper" bike.
My current motorcycle seems "stodgy" in comparison.

Please tell Son One I wish him a Happy Birthday and may he continue to be loud and proud!

ps...you must visit here,there are many more pictures you can obtain for "ammunition".

Hmmmm,that gives me an idea,I could have my own blog,and post pics of you.........

Constance said...

But Anon. . . to have a blog, you actually have to do some work. When would you find time to drink beer??

I need to visit and secure more photo albums. And spiedies. And Nirchi's pizza.

Send more cat pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

I think blogging while drinking beer sounds like an excellent combination!

Or is it drinking beer while blogging?

Constance said...

Careful, you could end up bleeging by mistake!

Anonymous said...

After clicking on the pic of us on the bikes,and enlarging it,it appears that I have a slingshot in my hand and am aiming at the picture taker.

Does the fifth amendment still apply?

Constance said...

Um, since the picture taker wasn't me, I can't give you any advice on the slingshot statute of limitations. The fifth is your best defense... especially when it comes to the 'mods' on that bike.