23 May 2009

Weekend Wandering

I'm venturing outside the Periphery for a few days. Been a while since I escaped the cozy confines of my square state. (I don't count slipping over the border into Montana or South Dakota to buy yarn as being 'outside' the Periphery, since it involves sheep.)

Everyone have a good weekend, and try to stay out of trouble - I'm looking at you, Anonymous.

My Memorial Day will be spent here:

Watching this:

I know, I know, I haven't blogged much on my baseball obsession - consider yourselves informed. Or shocked and appalled. Or indifferent and waiting for football season.

Someday we'll explore my rather weighty baseball card collection, and all the reasons wearing a N.Y. Yankees hat in Wyoming is

Not A Good Idea.



Anonymous said...

So...fill your loyal readers in.

Where did you go?

Anonymous minds want to know.

Constance said...

Rockies vs. Dodgers baseball game. Dodgers did their duty and thunked the Rockies. The rain even broke long enough to Play Ball.

Anonymous said...

That's right...didn't you used to like Steve ..? from the Dodgers?

Who is your favorite team?

Constance said...

Team(s):) Dodgers and Cubs, Yankees and Red Sox.

Don't ask. (One for each personality??)