30 March 2010

Shameless Promotion: Every Day Poets Wants You!

Do you have well-crafted, unpublished poems yearning to make their way  out into the spotlight? Every Day Poets is looking for short, quality poems for upcoming issues.  "Every Day Poets is a magazine that specializes in bringing you fine, short poetry. We publish a new poem, every day, of up to 60 lines or up to 500 words."

What Duotrope's Digest has to say about Every Day Poets:

        This market ranks among the 25 Most Approachable Poetry Markets
     This market ranks among the Most Personable Poetry Markets

 Use our new, easy on-line submission process to get started. (http://www.everydaypoets.com/submit-story)

(Please read the guidelines. No previously published work.)

We're Personable. 
We're Approachable
We're Needy. 
We really, really want to read your poems. 
Give Every Day Poets a try.

That number again is 1-800 -SUBMIT A POEM

You may now resume your regular blogging day - but don't forget to submit.


Dawn Colclasure said...

I have submitted to them before but never got a response. I suppose I should give it another go.

Constance Brewer said...

Hmm, that's not the usual. If you have any questions or haven't heard after a few weeks, you can always email and ask. We went to a new system recently that should prevent things getting lost in the cracks. :)