02 April 2010

April Poem A Day Challenge Day 1

Yes, I am participating in the April Poem A Day Challenge. I probably won't post a whole lot of what I write, because I don't want everything 'published'. On the other hand, I did write three poems yesterday in response to the prompt over at Poetic Asides.
"The prompt for day one is to write a lonely poem."

I'm going to try an write a brief post each day on the prompt and my process of idea gathering and writing for the prompt. This one was fairly easy, I write 'lonely' poems as a matter of course. But since I want to break out of my easy box, I'll have to find new ways to approach the topic.

I'm happy with two of the three poems I wrote yesterday, the prompt triggered one poem immediately, that didn't go in a direction I thought it would, which is always a pleasant surprise. The second poem came on the heels of the first, spawned perhaps by unfinished thoughts from the first poem. The third poem is trying a bit too hard, so it got parked for another look today. Maybe I'll toss it up here for people to pick at.

Onwards to day two!

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