23 November 2010

November 2010 Poem A Day Challenge - Day 23

Hey, it's Tuesday, and from Poetic Asides--
For today's "Two for Tuesday" prompt, write one of the following (or both if you're an overachiever):
1.    Write a form poem. This poem can cover any subject you want, but it should be written using a poetic form. Could be haiku, sestina, triolet, shadorma, paradelle, or some other poetic form. (Click here to see a list of 35 poetic forms.)
2.    Write an anti-form poem. This poem doesn't have to follow a poetic form, but it should communicate the poet's distaste for poetic forms.
I’m not anti-form at all, so option two didn’t interest me at first. Considering I’ve been writing a haiku and tanka a day along with the poetry prompt of the day, I felt like it would be cheating to do a haiku or tanka. I decided one form I wanted to do more with was a haibun. I’ve played around with a haibun or two, not with as much enthusiasm as I have with haiku and tanka. I would do a renga, but alas, I have no one to tag team with on such short notice.

Other forms I considered are an elegy, a kyrielle, and a villanelle. I usually like a trip down Form Road, because it forces me to think in terms I wouldn’t normally use. Always good for shaking up poetic lethargy.

So I ended up doing a haibun, than an elegy of sorts, and then another poem that has nothing to do with the prompt but followed on the heels of the elegy. I may revisit the prompt later and try a villanelle when I feel more like repeating myself.

One haiku and two tanka later...

11/23 TALLY
Poems - 3
Haiku - 1
Tanka - 2

To Date Total
Poems - 37
Haiku - 28
Tanka - 48


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