22 November 2010

November 2010 Poem A Day Challenge - Day 22

The Poetic Asides Prompt:
No, really, the prompt today is to write a poem that takes a stand. This could be a political stand, religious stand, personal stand, or I guess a poem about the ability to stand--or setting up a stand (think vegetable stand or newspaper stand, etc.). Whatever your thing, be sure to take a poetic stand today.
Of course the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about “take a stand” is resistance, rebellion, and downright stubbornness. At least that’s the way MY mind works. But what to rebel against? So many things. If I weren’t on a time crunch to get these prompt ramblings posted, I’d entertain ideas from our studio audience.

I really should know better than to try and force the prompt into my underlying themes. Mostly, the poem rebels and goes where it wants to with the prompt. But lately… the poems have been self-subjecting to the usual themes.

I got one poem that talked about how I see myself from the outside as opposed to how I know myself to really be. The two selves should really get together and have coffee sometime, but that didn’t happen in this poem, although self one came to a grudging realization that all was not happy in self two’s world.

Poem two took a stand against medications that are supposed to help you get better, but really just suck you into being dependent on them. My rebellion poem that ended up being more plaintive than rabble rousing.

Three haiku and one tanka, all on the recent snowfall we’ve had.

11/22 TALLY
Poems - 2
Haiku - 3
Tanka - 1

To Date Total
Poems - 34
Haiku - 27
Tanka - 46


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