21 November 2010

November 2010 Poem A Day Challenge - Day 21

Sunday and Poetic Asides:
The prompt for today is to write a permission poem. You don't need my (or anyone else's) permission to write your poem today, but it should somehow involve the concept of giving, refusing, asking, etc. permission.

Another broad prompt that's intriguing in all the ways you can approach the topic of permission.
I jumped right in with a poem about giving myself permission to be myself—harder than you might think.

I wrote a second poem on the same topic but with a different slant, a Sunday-Come-To-Meeting talk with myself on not taking myself so seriously. Those were the poems that gave permission.

Next came a poem that refused permission. It didn't even ask before it went ahead and did exactly what it wanted to do. Of course, in the end, the poem got a bit anxious, and did what it professed it wasn't going to do. Ask someone else's opinion about what needed to be done. Pesky poems.

Three tanka and two haiku, one tanka on the prompt that I actually like better than the poems I wrote for the prompt. Somehow, summing up the prompt in the five lines of the tanka made it more immediate than the twelve line poems. That's the beauty of Japanese short forms. they force you to discard everything but the essentials.

11/21 TALLY
Poems - 3
Haiku - 2
Tanka - 3

To Date Total
Poems - 32
Haiku - 24
Tanka - 45


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