04 November 2010

November 2010 Poem A Day Challenge - Day 4

Today's Poetic Asides:
For today's prompt, write a containment poem. There are a lot of ways to contain things: Jails and prisons contain people; zoos and aquariums contain animals; and closets contain our clothes (and other "baggage"). Your poem can be about the actual container, the containment of things, or even the attempt to break free of containment. Of course, any other creative interpretation is encouraged as well.

Another interesting prompt with a multitude of ways to approach the topic. A quick look up of the term gives a few more possibilities.

Free Dictionary definition:
con•tain•ment (kn-tnmnt)   n.
1. The act or condition of containing.
2. A policy of checking the expansion or influence of a hostile power or ideology, as by the creation of strategic alliances or support of client states in areas of conflict or unrest.
3. A structure or system designed to prevent the accidental release of radioactive materials from a reactor.

Then there is also Containment Theory - In criminology, Social Control … proposes that exploiting the process of socialization and social learning builds self-control and reduces the inclination to indulge in behavior recognized as antisocial.

All interesting ideas to mull over, but not the direction I wanted to go. I leaned toward containment of emotions, and all the implied problems that brings to the table. Where as yesterday I had the title and then the poem, today I have a poem with no title. I then wrote another poem on the same topic, again with no title, but a shade more centered than the first. This habit of warm up poem first is not necessarily a bad one, it’s a bit new for me to close focus on a topic for two or several poems in a row. I’m kind of liking how the changes make me reexamine what I thought I was writing about.

My haiku and tanka didn't really relate to the prompt, but I'm not picky, I'll take whatever ones the Muse serves up.

11/04 TALLY
Poems - 2
Haiku - 2
Tanka - 4

To Date Total
Poems - 6
Haiku - 5
Tanka - 14

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