03 July 2011

Soliloquy Sunday

(Like Fragment Friday, but starting with an "I")

I didn't realize having children meant I would become permanent tech support for their computers, also.

I figured out how to make the Corgis disappear! I mentioned one of them needed a bath and next thing I know, both of them were gone, hiding.

I haven't read nearly enough Walt Whitman. I think sometimes you aren't ready for a poet and when the time comes that you are, you know. I'm sure there are other poets out there who suffer from my neglect. Still reading Rilke and practicing my German so I can tackle some non-translated versions of his work.

I don't read very many mystery novels, which is weird because I love a good puzzle. Any recommendations?

I guess the Fourth of July does not fall into my Top Ten Holiday list. Too noisy, for one. Not to mention it's usually hot enough to bubble paint.

I'm happy there is a baseball game on tv almost every day. Otherwise there wouldn't be anything to watch... 



One Minnesota Writer said...

I like these....
But I'm going to have to disagree about the Fourth of July being too noisy! I love the noise, the fireworks, my chance to set something on fire myself.....Oh, yeah.

Constance Brewer said...

Maybe you were an engineer in a previous life!