08 July 2011

Fragment Friday

I wish the mere thought of going to the gym translated into a workout…
Some days it’s time to tune to the oldies rock station, other days it’s the most annoying channel on the planet.
Do you ever find yourself repeating a tagline from a commercial while using the product? Scary, isn’t it?
Some days I want to write my job orders in haiku
              Must pass drug test
              or no employment

Our new office building has two air conditioning settings – Deep Freeze and Arctic Chill



kc heath said...

Oh, Connie!
I've missed reading your blog...
Returning KC

Does that count as a Haiku? :)

Your last post sounds like the story of my life. Need to get a new blog myself... Will let you know when I'm back online :)

Constance Brewer said...

Of course it counts as haiku! Work-ku. :)