02 December 2011

Fragment Friday

Call For Submissions -

Every Day Poets needs your poems! We are looking for poems for publication after the Valentine’s Day holiday. Now’s the time to send us your best work. Go to EDP for details on how to submit your work.

Now on to the Fragments.

1.       Why am I always surprised by how darn cold in gets in Wyoming? It is winter, after all. For some reason the pictures of the Grand Tetons dressed in white always seem somewhat warm looking to me.

2.       My campaign to get the people at work to drink better quality coffee seems to have stalled out in the face of bulk cans of dubious brew. I’d even brought an extra coffee grinder into work, but alas, they insist on Wal-Mart super dooper saver extra insipid coffee. Why yes, I am a coffee snob. (thanks to Scott)

3.       I finished the November Poem A Day challenge with 36 poems. So I over achieved just a little. Now to edit them into some kind of cohesive order. Luckily, most of them themed together nicely. One or two are angsty drivel that will probably get rewritten. Even in the drively-est of them there is usually a good line or two.

4.       Speaking of writing, the Great Unfinished Fantasy Novel is back on the menu. I had a minor epiphany of sorts on tying up a loose plot thread at the end. Now maybe I can rewrite that final battle scene and kill everyone who deserves to die with a clear conscience.

5.       Trying to get into the mood to bake – something, anything. I do plan on a whisky-apple pie for Christmas, but don’t you think a few cookies and maybe some bread before then would be nice?



Akeith Walters said...

I always love to read your blog. It brings a smile to my face.

Constance Brewer said...

Gray - Thanks!

One Minnesota Writer said...

The Tetons dressed in white is kind of like a lumpy body beneath a quilt, right? This from the Minnesotan who is looking at her deck's new layer of white fluff while she's drinking Sumatra Mandheling brew....I'd share a cup with you if you lived closer. Good luck with the poetry editing and congrats on completing the PAD challenge.

Constance Brewer said...

Kathleen - we got a new layer of white fluff today. And some Arctic chill. Drinking coffee and wondering why the cold doesn't bother the Corgis...
Thanks! And editing I will go.