10 December 2011

Fragment Friday

1.       I don’t know who invented motion activated music-playing Christmas ornaments, but I’m sure there’s a special circle in Hell reserved just for them…

2.       A liberal dose of Metal or Weird Al is the only way to cleanse your brain of the aforementioned tinny Christmas music.

3.       What a neat surprise to be editing poems and find one you don’t remember writing – and it’s actually good.

4.       My knitting ambition far exceeds my attentions span and sometimes my ability. Colorwork is for those that can concentrate and follow symbol by symbol instructions in a chart format. This would not be me - not without much effort and brain strain.

5.       Tempted to knit little booties for the dogs. But I’m afraid their reaction will be the same as for the dog booties I bought them. Long suffering expressions and much foot shaking.



Gabriele C. said...

Oh yes, I hope there is a special circle in Hell for those, and for the ones who decide to play Christmassy music in the malls since mid-October.

Constance Brewer said...

That's a sub level of Hell, the earlier the music starts, the worse the Hell is!