10 February 2012

Fragment Friday

1.       Another Friday, another little snowstorm. This is getting to be a habit. Good thing I don’t really drive anywhere on the weekends.

2.       I love seeing all the chocolate recipes this time of year. Not that I will make any of them, but I can get my chocolate vicariously. Less calories, too.

3.       My barely there knit sock mocks me. I tell myself if I only knit a few rows a night it will eventually get done. Or at least show some forward progress. At this rate I’ll have new wool socks for… summer.

4.       I have my drawing all laid out for a Year of the Dragon print. I’m not participating in the Baren exchange this year, but decided to go ahead and do a print anyhow. I just need to transfer the drawing to the lino block and carve it. We’ll see how long that takes me to accomplish.

5.       I can’t get into reading steampunk, horror, or zombie fiction. So sue me.



One Minnesota Writer said...

Wool socks are the perfect summer hiking sock. Trust me. Would you consider posting a photo of your Year of the Dragon print when you get it done? I don't care how long it takes. :-)

Constance Brewer said...

These are wool and alpaca. A bit warm for summer. :)

I have the drawing finished of what I want to do, we'll see if it turns out anything like the drawing. Will post the print when done.