23 March 2012

Fragment Friday

Anubis D'Cat

1.       The trees are budding. I sure hope we don’t get one of our infamous “3 feet of snow” in April storms.

2.       We’re debating putting new flooring in the basement. It’s amazing how many options there are. Wood look or stone look, do you think?

3.       The “freshly washed dog’ smell has faded from the Corgis. It was nice while it lasted.

4.       I was trying to calculate how many words per day I write, in general. Sticky notes add a nice little buffer to the total. What is your favorite color of sticky note? I like traditional yellow.

5.       I wrote on the Unfinished Fantasy Novel this weekend. It was funny how outlining made it easier to write the end. I may have to side shift from Seat of Your Pantser to Somewhat Outliner.



One Minnesota Writer said...

Now that is a cool looking cat.
Wood, definitely....makes the basement look/feel warmer, which might be an issue in your climate. Put that on a hot pink sticky note (my favorite color for stickies).

Constance Brewer said...

He's incredibly stupid, but sweet.

The basement walls are wood paneling - think it might be too much woodiness?

Anonymous said...

Your comment has been forwarded to the ADL. (Anubis Defamation League).

Constance Brewer said...

Just stating a fact, Anon. Now go buy me a lottery ticket!