30 March 2012

Fragment Friday

1.       Funny how driving a strange car makes you appreciate your own car that much more.

2.       When did Easter become synonymous with candy? And pastel colored, vaguely frightening bunnies?

3.       I read a collection of short stories recently, the first in a long time. I either wanted the story to be longer, or flipped through looking for it to end. Only one felt ‘just right’.

4.       If the car you wanted only came in red or white, which color would you take and why?

5.       Gearing up to do Poem A Day in April by reading other poets. I plan on writing a poem a day, just not sure I’m going to post about it every day.



One Minnesota Writer said...

#5 - I'm going to do PAD, but not post them. I just got done with The Artist's Way and did a poem most days just for myself, so that was great practice!

#4 - red, definitely red. White cars disappear in the snow!

Constance Brewer said...

I won't be posting the poems either, but sometimes I write about the process of creating poems - but that's as much work as writing the poem at times!