05 April 2012

April Poem A Day Challenge Days 2-5

I've been poeming along with Poetic Asides April Poem A Day Challenge. Day 2 was a visitor poem, which I folded into the theme I've been working with. It needs expansion, but the nugget is there. Day 3 was a Two for Tuesday challange, writing an apology poem or an unapologetic poem. I managed to write two poems, the first was an apology poem that wasn't at all apologetic, the second was an unabashedly unapologetic poem. It was so unapologetic it startled me. It also ends rather abruptly, but I kind of like that.

Day 4's prompt was one of the type I hate - fill in the blank title poems. This one was 100%_______. I swung back around to my family theme and wrote about 100% Childhood. Hate the title, it's merely descriptive, and the poem was more about my brief fling being a penpal as a child. It was a longer poem, though, over 40 lines. Will probably come back and revisit that one for a new title and some further description of what my nine year old self wrote to an unknown nine year old 'friend'. Day 5 the prompt was to "write a poem about something before your time". I used a picture of my Dad from when he was in the Army as a jumping off point, comparing his version of being in the military to mine. It's another long poem that's going to benefit from revision. Heck, they all will benefit from revision, although one of the poems I wrote for Day One flowed out so nicely that revision will have to be a careful pruning rather than the weed whacking some other poems need.

How is your poeming going?


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