25 May 2012

Fragment Friday

1.  I don't mind it raining, other than it makes the grass grow. Then it needs to be mowed. Getting too old to enjoy pushing a lawn mower around my big yard any longer.

2.  I made pork BBQ the other night. Modern pork is way too lean to have great results. A little fat won't kill us...

3.  I was glad to see that SpaceX's Dragon capsule made it to the International Space Station. Things should get interesting for aerospace from here on out.

4.  Do you like your military science fiction with a heavy dose of military jargon, or just enough to get the idea of a military presence?

5.  What's with little birds darting around at tire level in the streets? Surely the bugs can't be that tasty down there?


One Minnesota Writer said...

Make the whole yard a prairie garden - that would be my solution.
Military jargon - only what's necessary to carry the story forward.

Constance Brewer said...

I was thinking garden boxes would be a good solution...
Military jargon is kinda hard to avoid in a military scifi novel. Then again, that's half the fun. :)