29 June 2012

Fragment Friday - With Tomatoes

Gonna-be tomato

1.  One of my tomatoes is turning orange/red! I might actually get a tomato before the middle of July.

2.  I'm not fond of 95 degree plus days in general, let alone many days in a row. I don't think I'd do well living in Arizona. (Hi Linda!)

3.  I've spent more time researching one scene of the Military SciFi novel then I did for three whole chapters. But the one scene requires I get it right, because future events hinge on what happens. Do you like to research or are you a wing-it type of person?

4.  Everyone around me is buying new cars. As long as mine remains dependable, I'm not tempted. But the minute it fails to be reliable, I'll be looking.

5.  Remember those 277 stitches I had to cast on for a shawl? Well I had to cast them on again. The lace part of the shawl got off track, and when I tried to frog it back, things got messy. So I started over with a different yarn. Much nicer now- and I'm moving slowly with the unfamiliar lace pattern. Don't want more big boo-boos.


One Minnesota Writer said...

Nothing better than baby tomatoes and the anticipation of ripeness on these hot (emphasis on HOT!!) summer days.

Constance Brewer said...

Now I wish I'd planted more tomatoes!

Carla said...

Sympathy for the off-track lace pattern and having to start all over again. For some reason lace patterns seem to be harder than most to keep straight, the same thing has happened to me - though not (so far) with 277 stitches! Good luck.

Constance Brewer said...

Carl, I have to go slow with lace and count in between stitch markers, but that seems to be working. Will post a pic of the shawl when I'm done in a month or so.