06 July 2012

Fragment Friday

1.  Picked and ate a couple tomatoes from my front porch container plant on July 4th. They were so much better than anything that comes from the store. 
2.  A nice rainstorm last night. Now I don't feel as guilty about not watering my lawn every day. 
3.  Waiting impatiently for several poetry books I ordered. Need to prime the pump before I hit writing poems again. Mostly anthologies. I couldn't settle on just one poet, so I went for the multitudes. 
4.  I made a small lino block print, edition of ten the other week. I think keeping editions small helps me feel like the print is actually doable instead of a mass production effort. It's also easier to run with little ideas. I'll pass on the next print exchange, however, it's moku hanga and I don't feel confident enough to tackle it yet. 
5.  I have a whole stack of movies sitting on my end table waiting for me to watch them. Somehow 2.5 hours seems like a huge investment of time right now. And yes, I can knit and watch a movie, so that's not a problem. What's come out on DVD that you recommend of late?


One Minnesota Writer said...

I agree that home-grown tomatoes and other vegetables have a taste the store just can't match!

The hubby and I have actually gone to the movies in the theater three times this summer instead of watching them at home. I'd forgotten how much fun that is! Go see Moonrise Kingdom. It's wonderful.

Constance Brewer said...

We've been to the movies once this year, and now I can't even remember what we saw. Small town means we don't get much of the good ( and art) stuff.