21 September 2012

Fragment Friday

1.    Rereading the Harry Potter books. Still delightful after all these years.

2.    It’s jacket in the morning, no jacket in the afternoon type of weather.

3.    I wish I was better at protest poetry. I think there’s a real need for it going unfulfilled.

4.    Back to researching for my next novel. That’s half the fun for me, mucking about in the non-fiction section.

5.    Geese are congregating on the ponds around the city. Hard to tell right now who’s a long time resident and who’s passing through on their way south.


One Minnesota Writer said...

I love the Harry Potter books! Abby grew up with them and we read the first few aloud together.

So, write the protest poetry anyway.

Constance Brewer said...

Eldest child and I fought over who got to read the later Harry Potter books first. :)

Alas I am not a protest poet. Despite wanting to be.