19 October 2012

Fragment Friday

Birdbath in fall

1.  It's almost time to start feeding the birds again, when the morning temp hits right at the freezing mark and my heart unthaws from a summer full of 'fend for yourself'.

2.  I try real hard to contribute to a paperless society, but some reports just need to be printed out and read, because scrolling back and forth on the screen makes me dizzy, and even Superman would have a tough time seeing the fine print when you full size the papers.

3.  Handing out my work business card almost makes me feel like a grownup . . .

4.  The Corgis got to go for a ride last weekend that didn't end up with them in doggie jail (the kennel). They were appreciative of the chance to stick their noses out a window and enjoy the breeze. I'm sure there's a lesson in that.

5.  Does anyone use bookmarks anymore?


One Minnesota Writer said...

Do you mean paper, leather, cloth bookmarks? Real, not virtual? I do! I have collection of leather bookmarks I acquired on various trips overseas.

Constance Brewer said...

Yes, handmade and such. I have one with Corgis dangling from it. Of course. :)

Split Pea Traveler said...

Pretty picture. If I were a bird, I'd hang out there! Good question about the use of bookmarks. I wonder how long until we're asking if people read books anymore? I recently took a flight and was surprised by the number of e-readers being used.