26 October 2012

Fragment Friday

Bird House

1.  Gearing up to do Poem A Day for November by reading poetry collections. Since I've been writing on The Second Fantasy Novel, poetry has taken a backseat. Time to put it to the forefront again - and write on the Novel at the same time. Busy November on the horizon.

2.  It's the Gray time. Not used to driving home with the headlights on. Ditto driving to work with them on. But it's a better alternative to not driving with lights on at all, as I see some doing in the mysterious light of dawn/dusk.

3. Sad to say I depend on Twitter to keep me entertained during the work day - just the 140 word pick me up I need at times.

4. I love the sound of scuffling through the fallen leaves, but it's bittersweet. Soon the snow will muffle the crackle-crunch of autumn.

5. I see some birds that better get a move on if they're heading south for the winter. I'll feed the die-hards that stay no matter what, but the procrastinator birds? They're on their own.


Split Pea Traveler said...

Do you think you'll post any of your poems here? Hope so! PS. I'd be such a procrastinator bird, I know it! Who's still hanging around that should have left already?

One Minnesota Writer said...

Good luck on the November PAD!

Constance Brewer said...

I tend not to post here so I can submit them elsewhere, but you never know.
I see robins and caught some bright blue flashes - not sure what they were but I usually don't see blue in the winter. Fly away, little birds!

Constance Brewer said...

Kathleen - Every year I say not this time, then I end up doing it any how.