10 May 2013

Fragment Friday

Merlin at Cam-Plex

Max at Cam-Plex

1.  I've tried listening to the radio on my every day commute. Just can't deal with the commercials, or the lack of choice in music. Old rock, old country, new country, religious or pop.  The oldies rock station plays the same playlist every day it seems. I do like Pink Floyd, but not Another Brick In The Wall every couple of hours. Back to the iPod.

2.  Time to mow the lawn before the grass is as high as a Corgi!

3.  Editing my Poem A Day poems. There's far more nature-oriented poems than I am used to writing. (I'm not really a nature poem kind of gal.) Trying to figure out my mindset when I wrote them. Longing for spring, perhaps?

4.  Had a song stuck in my head. Finally broke down and listened to it, and discovered I had the lyrics all backwards. I think I like my way better. Any songs earwormed you lately?
5.  I've been loading some apps on my new phone. MLB at Bat, a grocery store one, Google Sky Map, ISS Detector, Kindle. Anyone have any suggestions for interesting phone apps?


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

I can't stand most of our radio stations during the morning rush hour. They have the worst inane chatter. But Minnesota Public Radio is all right. So, is there a Montana version? We have 3 MPR stations: news, classical, rock/blues/new music. Lucky, methinks.

Constance Brewer said...

We have Wyoming Public Radio, but mostly they just talk. Very hard to catch them playing music.

Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

Just checked back to realize you aren't in Montana. Wyoming. Duh!!