05 July 2013

Fragment Friday Post 4th of July Edition

Garden Flower

1.  I thought the 4th of July fireworks were pretty loud and consistent, then I looked outside and realized there was a thunderstorm and the fireworks were being outdone by nature. 

2.  I washed some of my new Coopworth fleece and put it outside to dry - didn't take long in 90 degree sun. I carded and spun up some Icelandic fleece in the meantime. It's coming out nicely, so now it's just a matter of producing enough yarn for mittens. Not worried about running out of fleece, I have two 32 gallon trashbags full in the garage. 

3.  12:00! Lunchtime! But ... I noticed that I'm bored with my lunches for work. What kind of sandwiches/lunch foods do you turn to for a change of pace?

4.  I'm not a big snake fan, but I like mice even less, so I tolerate the garter snakes in the front bushes. I just wish they wouldn't slither across the sidewalk at night and freak me out. 

5.  If you are interested in the gnome I carved for the Fantastic Garden Print, you can see it here on the Puzzle Prints Blog .


Anonymous said...

Where is the gnomes Harley??
Was he at Sturgis?

Constance Brewer said...

Sturgis isn't for another month. And with the gnome residing in Las Vegas, I doubt he'll make it.

Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

I checked out the gnome and he's fabulous!
Lunchtime! Hummus with cut up sweet peppers and pita chips. Apple slices, cheddar slices, and Triscuits. Chicken Caesar salad in a wrap. Vegetable sushi from the grocery deli. Does that help?

Constance Brewer said...

Gnome roams where he wants to - right now he's chillin' in Las Vegas, and there he'll stay for a while. Might have to make a companion gnome that travels further afield.

Constance Brewer said...

The gnome thanks you. :)
I forgot about hummus. Good call. I picked some up at the store yesterday - even though I have chickpeas on the shelf, and tahini in the fridge. What does vegetable sushi consist of?