30 August 2013

Live From NY - It's Fragment Friday

Iroquois Dancers at the NY State Fair

1.  Enjoying the lush greenery that is New York. A big shock after dusty brown Wyoming. Even enjoying the rain and humidity - just a little bit. Not sure I'd want to move back to the humidity, however. I like my dry Wyoming. 

2. Partook of the NY State Fair. Lots to see and do, and we walked for miles. The best part was the Iroquois Indian Village, with arts and crafts, dancers and archery. Very peaceful setting amid the bustle of the Fair. We viewed several traditional dances while we were there. We saw Clydesdale six-horse hitches compete, viewed all kinds of crafts - including handspinning. Yes, I bought roving and yarn. Silly of you to ask...

2a. Bonus round. The Iroquois are known as the Haudenosaunee or the "People of the Longhouse". The Iroquois consist of the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca and Tuscarora nations. 

3. Fair food. Is there anything else like it? I saw more deep fried foodstuffs than I ever dreamed possible. Ate none however. My arteries turned to sludge just looking at it. I enjoyed the smell of the fair - a mixture of food, animals and hay, and suntan-lotioned people. It was crowded, but orderly, brightly decorated, but not as much neon as expected. 

4.  No food pictures this time around, but eating hometown favorites once again - halupki, pizza, spiedies. What foods do you indulge in while traveling?

5.  No complaints about the plane rides to NY - all 3 of them. I endured, with the help of my Kindle, trail mix, and interesting seat companions. Do you talk to the people around you when you fly? Who's the most interesting person you've met while traveling?

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