13 September 2013

Fragment Friday

Back road across Wyoming, headed toward the Big Horn Mountains. (No, that's not them, just a hill.)

1.  Looks like we've left the hot weather behind and plunged into fall. Just waiting for it to cool down a bit more before I throw myself back into baking. What's your favorite fall food?

2.  I'm now the owner of a set of Viking wool combs. Imagine a double row of big, sharp, bent nails the size of your hand set in a wooden handle. Now imagine one in each hand. The wool doesn't stand a chance. It will become straightened and uniform, or else. 

3.  The Corgis have mastered the art of Harry Potterish apparition. When I open the garage they are in the front window, and when I back out a few seconds later, they are in the side yard barking me away. (Bilocation?) 

4.  I have embraced the goodness that is cold-brewed coffee. I thought I wouldn't like coffee anything less than piping hot, but the cold brew is far less acidic and very smooth. Easier to drink. And I can always nuke it if I want it hot. Because we all know coffee in any form makes the day go 'round.

5.  Someone at work asked me what I was going to 'be' for Halloween. I kinda think I'm getting a little long in the tooth to play dress up - although I do have a Jedi costume and wizard robes on standby.

Woolie haul from NY plus the new Viking wool combs. The stuff in the middle is hand dyed Polworth roving. The rust red is alpaca roving from the alpaca featured last week. Merino top is the big white ball. Alpaca yarn is the light brown hank at the bottom of the pic, some balls of blue-purple angora blend yarn on top, and plain old superwash wool in gray under that. I had room in my suitcase for a fleece - just couldn't find one.


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

The wool is just beautiful.Hope you show us what you make with it!

Constance Brewer said...

Oh, I'm sure you've not seen the last of the yarn. :)