24 January 2014

Fragment Friday - Fashionably Warm

What is this? Could it be? Yep, another scarf. In Knit Picks Gloss Bordeaux and Stroll Pony Ride

1.  Finished scarf 2 and gave it to recipient. My selvages are getting better, as is my weaving time. Next scarf will be for me. Will play with primary colors, because hey, who doesn't like to stand out in a crowd?

2. It's funny when you have Corgis, other Corgi owners come out of the woodwork. Even at work clients can't wait to tell me they have Corgis - of course the pictures and statues in my office may help. No one ever comments on my Welsh flag, just on the Corgis. 

3.  Can you outgrow a writer? I was given a book of poems by a poet I like, and after reading it was left underwhelmed. I found myself impatient with a lot of the poems. That hasn't happened before. Set it aside and read again later, or consider maybe I am not as big a fan as I thought I was?

4.  Working on Unfinished Fantasy Novel II. Attempting to conquer Scrivener. I like the corkboard and index card thing. Trying to wrap my head around the outlining. I have a stack of physical 3x5 cards standing by. I think the physical act of writing on them helps. I even storyboard a bit with pictures. So why isn't the novel further along? Urm.....

5.  Do you like getting garden catalogs in the mail? Or, like me, do they frustrate you? I'd love to garden, like the planning of it, but the actual seed-plants-planting thing? Doesn't happen. Should I put a raised bed in my backyard? How can I be a self-respecting half-Italian without tomato plants?
Tammy's Scarf


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

I love the colors in Tammy's scarf!
#3 - yes, absolutely. Certain bits of writing resonate for specific times of our lives. And if the writer moves in a different direction in subsequent work, then it may not fit for us.
#5 - So plan away as a creative exercise and forgive yourself for not planting in real life. Seed catalogs are fun. You can still be a self-respecting half-Italian - your half just does something other than garden.

Constance Brewer said...

I'm disappointed the writer no longer has work that resonates with me. Ah well. Onward.
Maybe I should just buy a couple of big pots and container garden...

Carla said...

The scarf is gorgeous.

Maybe the poet's work changed over time, and this particular book didn't appeal to you in the same way as their other work did? Do you still like the same poems of theirs that you originally liked?

Constance Brewer said...

Carla - Thanks!
I still like the poet's older stuff. The newer stuff isn't doing it for me. Ah well, not like there aren't a gazillion poets out there to explore.