28 March 2014

Fragment Friday

Max photobombs Merlin

1.  Snow in the morning for a fun icy drive to work, clear and dry in the evening for an uneventful drive home. I heard a robin the other day, but I haven't seen one, so it isn't really spring. On the bright side, I have vegetable seeds in hand. 

2.  I've discovered the key to warping my loom is to put on some good music and not worry about how long it's taking. It gets done when it gets done. Of course that sentiment could apply to a lot of things. Or should apply. 

3.  We're coming up on National Poetry Month. Do you have any plans to write/read poems for April? I am undecided on doing a poem a day. I'll probably give it a shot, but go off on tangents if I don't like the prompts. So who is the last poet you've read?

4.  The Corgis will play fetch whether there's snow on the ground or not. Just glad I got them a bright orange tennis ball. 

5.  Waiting for the whole dystopian trend in fiction to be done. Post apocalyptic stories don't work for me. Neither do anti-heros. I want my heroes to be, well, heroic. Zombies are so last week - and smell like it. Also, can the info-dumpy first person narrations with a voice that's too self aware. And I want the next book I read to give me a pony.   /Rant over.


Gabriele C. said...

Those corgies will soon learn to take selfies. :-)

Constance Brewer said...

I thought about rigging up a pressure pad linked to a remote cable for the camera... But then I'd have to bust out my manual SLR. It might be interesting to see the pictures though.

Carla said...

Why would they need to learn when they have their own personal photographer? :-)

Constance Brewer said...

Ha! They are pretty photogenic at that. :)