25 July 2014

Fragment Friday

Early morning bouncy-ball session. (We're not fond of the recent heatwave.)
1.  I'm reading as fast as I can - What do you do when your To Be Read list is longer than available hours in the day? How can I read both in my genre and in a different genre without feeling guilty? How about all the literary reviews I need to scope out? Why does the summer make me feel guilty about reading?

2. On the writing side of the house, I had an idea for a novel come to me the other day. Then, my damn muse, being ornery, floated another idea right after the first. Two ideas for novels in a genre I don't even write. But the muse suggests I should. The muse, being fey, would not take kindly to my ignoring ideas. So outlining I shall go. 

3.  My garden is putting out all kinds of edibles. This week it's peas. I try not to let my impatience for tomatoes carry over to the plants. They can sense these things you know. 

4.  I almost slipped up and bought another spinning wheel last week. Because I suffer from SEAD. (Spinning Equipment Acquisition Disorder) Luckily it didn't pan out. I tried to make myself promise not to buy another spinning wheel unless I can sit down and test drive it. Still looking for the One Wheel To Rule Them All. 

5.  What's on the loom? Glad you asked. A shawl made from Noro Kirara yarn. I'm liking the yarn so far, a wool/silk/cotton blend. My warp yarn, not so much. It's broke twice. But hey, they say that's how you learn to repair your warp, trial by fire.  To make myself feel better, I bought some more yarn for a new Windowpane scarf. I now officially have more projects planned than time to do them. What else is new.  


Gabriele C. said...

I agree with Max and Merlin. Heatwaves suck. So do thunderstorms.

Constance Brewer said...

We keep the air conditioning on for the dogs. They seem to like it.