01 August 2014

Fragment Friday - Hot August Night Edition

Hot off the loom - A shawl width piece of cloth with multicolored yarn.
1.  One of my favorite things to do is research a topic in Wikipedia, then click on a link in the article and go read that article, click on a link in the next article, etc. I've discovered all sorts of interesting things that way, picked up ideas for poems and stories, and also procrastinated time away. Use with caution.

2.  I've always known I'm more of a process artist than a product artist, and weaving really brings that home. I love the plotting out of the woven item, the hemstitching at the beginning, the simple act of weaving. But by the time I'm within a foot from the end, I want nothing more than to get it off the loom and move on to planning my next project. How about you? Process or End Product? 

3.  Is it something in the air? Ideas are percolating up like soda bubbles. Me, me, me, no, ME. Of course I then have to prioritize - not my strong point. I think the muse just got back from vacation and is still a bit giddy. Any thoughts on prioritizing ideas?

4. For some reason I decided I need a netbook. Probably because I'm too lazy to return to my computer in the living room after I hit the bedroom. Sometimes the words come faster than my ability to handwrite them down. I type much faster. Someone suggested an iPad. Yeah or nay? Advantages? Would I like it? Netbook - good idea or not?

5.  I realized the other day I never outgrew the notion that the answers to all things are contained in books. I suppose the modern day version of this is the Internet is all knowing. But I still find myself shopping Amazon and other places for the perfect book to scratch that existential itch.
Noro piece on the loom. Not sure about the abrupt color changes.


kc heath said...

oh, Connie! It's beautiful!!!

Constance Brewer said...

Pretty colors are pretty! :)