29 August 2014

Fragment Friday - The Labor Day Weekend Edition

How DARE you take me to the groomer. Pffffffffffffffttttttttttt. I'm going to roll in something as soon as we get home...

1.  FYI - Labor Day -" Observed on the first Monday in September, Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894." (History.com)
"Following the deaths of a number of workers at the hands of the U.S. military and U.S. Marshals during the Pullman Strike, the United States Congress unanimously voted to approve rush legislation that made Labor Day a national holiday; President Grover Cleveland signed it into law a mere six days after the end of the Pullman strike." (Wikipedia)

2.  I will labor pulling herbs and vegetables from my garden this weekend. What to do with my two, count'em TWO green beans? Toss them in a stir fry I guess. The bean plants not only didn't produce, they had the nerve to ignore the netting I put up for them to climb. The peas, on the other hand, gave heroically before they wilted. 

3.  One reason I look forward to fall - I don't feel as guilty being in the house writing when it is rainy or dark out. All those bright summer days and balmy summer nights were not conducive to butt in chair. How about you? What do you like about fall?

4.  It's funny the things that trigger poems. It can be something as small as one word or as big as looking up at the Milky Way at night. After a close analysis of my poems, I see that image triggers and word triggers are running about 50/50. I thought, being a visual artist, images would win out. Perhaps I've found a happy medium?

5.   I'm amassing a small mountain of yarn. I think it's my get ready for winter pile. That's my story, at least. On the needles - a pair of socks made of Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) yarn, in CSDye sky blues, the start of a vest in silky Siidegarte Flauschig yarn, a colorwork hat for eldest son- black with white pirate skulls all around, and a pair of colorwork mittens, navy blue and pale purple flowers. For weaving I have lots of projects planned. Just can't decide what's next, Lord of the Rings scarf, or Cartoon Windowpane scarf.



Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

Fall! I love fall. It's all about the cooking, the return of red wine to my glass, a few fires in the back yard, crisp air, and, yes, I work harder. And there are birthdays galore in our family in the fall - Shawn's, Abby's, Mick's....followed by the march of the holidays. Yes, fall is something I look forward to.

Constance Brewer said...

We have a lot of December birthdays. I do like my trips back to NY in the fall to see the leaves change. Dark early - not so fond of.