26 December 2014

Fragment Friday - Post Christmas Edition

What does Child One in the metal band get for Christmas? Why a skull cap of course.

1.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, or Hanukkah. Did you get any interesting presents? Did you give something weird and wonderful?

2. I had chickadees at the feeder for Christmas. They were quite vocal about me being late to feed, flitted around my head, hung upside down and twittered the whole time I was filling the feeders. I expect them to knock on my door next time. "Where's the grub??"

3. I got to relive Christmas Past watching the grandkids open their presents. They took such glee in shredding the paper and yanking out the gift. I heard Oohs and Aahs and squeals of delight. And one or two puzzled "What's this?" Did you make any such comments in your present opening?

4. The weather very kindly made it a white Christmas here. Luckily, my kids are only across town, not across the state of country. Did you know Starbucks is open early Christmas morning? The baristas deserve a medal. Or a big tip - which they got.

5. Sneak Preview - Coming up fast - the opening of our new poetry magazine, Gyroscope Review. Opening for submissions on January 5, 2015. Look for the announcement here and wherever fine magazines are hawked. Meanwhile, go read up on our submissions guidelines. Hope to see you in the slushpile!

"Winter sucks" said the dove. "I agree," said the sparrow. "Are you eating that seed?"

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