13 March 2015

Fragment Friday - The Sheep Fleece Edition

Merlin says - "I think I heard someone open the treat drawer in the kitchen..."
1.  Did you know the plural of Corgi is not Corgis, but Corgwyn? (pronounced Cor-gen) Here I thought it would be a Fluff of Corgis, a Stampede of Corgis, a Mischievous of Corgis, or a Cute of Corgis. But no. Just Corgwyn. Good for us folks with multiples to know. 

2.  Since I posted naked sheep last week, I thought I'd let you know I bought a poor, shivering sheep's fleece this week. I'd show a picture, but it's a bit dirty until it gets washed. So I'll have a lot more yarn, eventually. It's a Rambouillet - Targhee cross fleece. It should be a lot finer and softer than the other fleeces I have. I'll let you know how it is to spin. Feels greasy. My hands should get very soft.

3.  My tomato seeds have yet to sprout. How long do you usually wait before declaring the planting a bust? This is why I'm better off buying already started plants in a pot and plopping them into my garden.  I have no idea how my office plant has lived as long as it has - seven years.

4.  I finally got around to using the voice activated text messaging on my phone. It was spiffy, for the most part. When it got it right. The thing I take away from this? I need to enunciate. Or my accent is confusing the phone. I don't think I talk like I walked off the set of the Godfather, but who knows? Sari thinks so (Siri's ugly Android stepsister)

5.  Did you know a group of hummingbirds are called a “bouquet" of hummingbirds, a "glittering" of hummingbirds, a "hover" of hummingbirds, a "shimmer" of hummingbirds, and a "tune” of hummingbirds? Makes my poetic heart sing.


Oonah said...

Corgwyn -- from Welsh I suspect.

Constance Brewer said...

You would suspect correctly. :)

Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

Shimmer of hummingbirds - I like that term best.
We are sprouting seeds right now - not tomatoes, yet, but little bluestem grass. We already sprouted basil, parsley, chives, and lettuce. The chives took forever to come up and then we only got like three little sprouts. I guess I would wait twice the time on the seed package for germination and then say, well, that didn't work.....:-)

Constance Brewer said...

I have seedlings! They came up the past two days. So maybe I'll get tomatoes yet.