06 March 2015

Fragment Friday - The Cold Sheep Edition

Hurry, Spring! We're a bit cold out here. Maybe someone could knit us sweaters with the wool they stole...

1.  March seems the longest month, and it's only just started. No holidays (days off), sporadic spring training baseball, the game of winter snows-spring thaws. What do you do to get through the pattern of flaky in the morning, and warm but not warm enough in the afternoon?

2.  I planted tomato seeds in their little fiber cups. Romas, so far. I do like a good sauce tomato. Now the trick is, to grow them without killing the seedlings off through idiocy or benign neglect. I think I'll get some Beefsteak seeds also. Surely something will survive?

3.  I've taken up watercolors again, and the first piece I'm trying is a tutorial from a fantasy art book. I did buy new, decent watercolors, although they are still student grade. I thought I had good paper. I'm finding out that's not the case. I'm using a 140 pound Strathmore that refuses to let you scrub out color or hold its edges. or stay stretched on the board. I think for my next painting I'll suck up and invest in some 300 pound paper. (I hear my college art teachers in my head, "Buy the best materials you can afford, you won't regret it".) Point taken.

4.  It's interesting how much of a normal life revolves around food. "What do you want for dinner? I don't know, what do you want for dinner?" Pre-making breakfast and lunch for the next day at work. I wish I could just eat the same thing over and over again - People Chow! - but I can't. Cooking makes me feel like a mad scientist. And I like that. 

5.  I picked up a few non-fiction books to read this week, one is on cosmology, one is on poetic forms, and the last is on the study of morality in The Lord Of The Rings. Somehow it's all fodder for poems, and the Second Unfinished Fantasy Novel that's been patiently waiting for me to cross-examine my characters and decide who lives and dies. And how.


Oonah said...

Poor bluts do look chilly :( I hate that what's for dinner syndrome. I used to enjoy cooking but these days take away seems like a godsend sometimes. I like the sound of your books. If I come will you knit me something warm, make my dinner and read to me?

Constance Brewer said...

I was assured the sheared sheep survive just fine. :) Whew. I'll be getting 8 pounds of fleece to spin into yarn.
Come visit, I can knit you a warm scarf, make some fantastic food, and definitely read to you from my Book of Unnamed Tales. . :)