25 September 2015

Fragment Friday - The Glass Museum Edition

I realize not everyone is as fascinated by glass as I am, so bear with me as I indulge in some pictures of various glass types found at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York.

I'm sure cats everywhere disdain being made whimsical in this manner...
Glass blowing demo where the properties of heated glass are explored.

When vases go wild. And the difficulties of photographing glass behind glass. 

A chandelier I would love to have in my home.

Thousands of years ago our ancestors were making neat things from glass.

I think everyone should have a glass octopus in their home.

Glass mosaics are fascinating to look at - close up or far away.

If you didn't like the view out your window, you could get Tiffany or someone to make you a new one.

Why yes, cats in glass are just as arrogant as their living, breathing counterparts.


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

That octopus would be perfect for my daughter-in-law! Looks like an amazing museum.

Carla said...

Some of those pieces are stunning. I do like the octopus - but imagine how careful one would have to be when dusting it!

Constance Brewer said...

We spent all day there and were never bored. I just wish the lighting was different because photographing glass through glass was difficult.

Constance Brewer said...

No wonder everything is in sealed cases - no dusting! I couldn't get clear pictures of the etched glass and early blown glass and even the Eqyptian glass that was so intricate.