19 September 2015

The Periphery Jets Back

The Periphery returns from its hiatus with pictures to entertain you. What would a vacation be without food and animals? My Anonymous brother and 'sister-in-law', Nonny Moose kept us well fed and entertained.

Introducing the new King of someone else's castle, Gunther.
And the new Queen, Minnie. She did not like the paparazzi stalking her. 
It's that time of year, when garden tomatoes abound. They're great to eat fresh off the vine with a little salt, or--

made into fiery salsa with garden peppers and onions.
Sink kitty approved all meals and their remains.
Meanwhile, at a Fiber Festival, we ran into this llama, who had a lot to say. Much of it seemed to be, "You need to buy more yarn, you don't have enough yarn ...."

This alpaca meditated before his fan, thinking deep thoughts about fiber blends. I bought some of his lovely wool.
Nonny Moose and I swooned over this fluffy fellow. Angora, so, so soft, and so, so expensive. Fifteen pounds of rabbit doesn't yield a lot of wool to play with. He seemed to enjoy being plucked, however.
What vacation would be complete without Birdy Kreep and his sonic squawks?

The birds outside were a lot quieter!

Next week - Rivers and glass.


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

Oh my gosh! Llama!! Love that photo. These are fun.

Constance Brewer said...

The llamas were characters. The alpacas calm and serene. :)