18 December 2015

Fragment Friday - The Pre-Christmas Edition

All I want for Christmas is a rabbit. Or two.

Here are some of the things I like about pre-Christmas.
1. The lights. Nothing gussies up the town better than Christmas lights. Kudos to all the houses that have fun, tasteful lights in various colors or themes of blue - my favorite.
2. Starbucks Christmas Blend. The only Starbucks coffee I really like. Amazingly, it doesn't taste burnt. Some coffee, creamer, and a shot of Bailey's and I'm good to go. Hint - the Salted Caramel Bailey's is better than the Irish Cream.
3. Stores that don't relentlessly play the same Christmas songs over and over. My favorite grocery was playing oldies Rock the other day. Hallelujah.
4. Amazon Prime. My Christmas shopping is complete, and I don't have to brave the stores to do it.
5. Holiday dog toys. Corgis say: "Destroy Santa? Sure! Shred a Candy Cane? No problem! Detach Rudolph's leg from his body? I'm on it! Destuff and Desqueak is what we do." 

Some things I don't like about pre-Christmas.
1. The light displays that looked like the bulbs were purloined from a disco. If it looks like a Tilt-O-Whirl and a Jack In The Box had a baby, I probably won't like it. Or look at it. Or drive past it. 
2. Eggnog flavored things that aren't eggnog.
3. Cinnamon scented pine cone displays that induce asthma when you walk into the entry of a store. Just don't. Most customers enjoy breathing. Although you probably put them out there because you didn't want to smell them either...
4. The Little Drummer Boy. This song is evil. Who goes to see a sleeping baby and launches into a drum solo? Mary should have clobbered him with a water bucket.
5. Christmas cards with glitter on them. I won't even take them out of the envelope anymore. Unless they come from a 5 year old. Then glitter is acceptable. 

So what are your Yeas or Nays for the Christmas season?


Gabriele Campbell said...

I hate the way Commercial Christmas starts early November nowadays. When the true Christmas time finally comes, I'm Christmassed-out and just want it to be over already.

And the next one who plays Jingle Bells will get shot. Or probably tortured to death.

What I like is the ginger bread (from Schmidt in Nuremberg, but they sell it in my town).

Kathleen Mickelson said...

I had to read your comment about The Little Drummer Boy to Mick! My favorite things are the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, tinsel, sitting in front of the fire with Christmas cookies, and wrapping presents late at night when all else is quiet. My least favorite things are crowded stores, anyone who complains that they didn't get what they wanted. And now I'm going to go hope for a little snow here while I finish getting my family's gifts together. Merry Christmas!

Constance Brewer said...

Gabriele - I agree Christmas starting before December is just wrong. I don't even play Christmas music until a few days before Christmas.
Sign me up, I love gingerbread!

Constance Brewer said...

Kath, I used to like wrapping presents - when I had a table that wasn't crammed with stuff. :) We've got snow for the moment, it may or may not melt before Christmas. Here's hoping!

Gabriele Campbell said...

Snow, what is that? Haven't seen any for some years now. Here it is so warm the plants and trees think it's spring already and we'll get magnolia blooms for Christmas.

Constance Brewer said...

Gabriele, wish I could send you some snow!

Carla said...

Happy Christmas, Constance, and best wishes for the New Year!