11 December 2015

Fragment Friday - The Force Edition

My office door, decorated for the holidays - the Festivus Holidays that is.

1. I had a birthday and am officially able to say "Get off my lawn" while I shake my hiking stick at whippersnappers. That and I still have a good snowball arm from years of playing softball. So hasten off my lawn before I pelt you. As soon as it snows enough for ammunition.

2.  I'm a Star Wars fan from way back, but I just can't get whipped into a frenzy over The Force Awakens. I'll go see it, but I'm not going to camp out or buy my tickets in advance or trade my firstborn for tickets. (Although he would probably think it cool.) I hope it's good. Still feeling the searing burn that was Phantom Menace. And what's with trailers hinting at... nothing? Lots of explosions doesn't make me real optimistic. But I'll still go. Damn you, Disney!

3. About now we start preparing for the biannual visit from the Large Dog, Bruno. We bungee cord down the lid to the trash can, clear a space in the living room for his ginormous kennel, and stock up on chewy things so he doesn't try and eat the furniture. The Corgis enjoy and hate him in turns. Max doesn't like his routine disturbed by an overgrown puppy, and Merlin loves not being the low member of the pack anymore. 

4.  What I'm reading of late - It's time for the annual reread of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. If I get ambitious, I may crack open the Silmarillion.  My brother gave me a memoir by musician Bruce Cockburn. I have the latest issue of Rattle to get through as well as poetry books by Dorianne Laux (Facts About The Moon & What We Carry) and W.S. Merwin (The Shadow of Sirius). How about you, what are you reading?

5.  Trying to get up the ambition to warp my big loom. I have some brightly colored yarn (often referred to as 'Clown Barf") that's wanting to be made into a windowpane scarf. And some coppery colored and dark brown yarns that said "houndstooth pattern" to me. But I'm also trying to get Christmas knitting done. Including one piece I started in August. Warping my loom is a 2 hour PITA, but then weaving goes really fast. Knitting is quick to start but I get bored by the 5th repetition of the lace pattern. Send some crafting mojo my way!

If Eldest Child was a Pop Vinyl, he'd look just like this.


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

I love the Dude!! Now I feel the need for a White Russian. Your office door looks amazing. How kind of you to give your co-workers a place to air their grievances. Looks like your holidays are off to a rollicking good start. I just finished reading a Stephanie Plum novel because it 's time for my annual books that make me laugh and aren't serious. The serious stuff can wait till January. Ho Ho Ho!

Constance Brewer said...

Festivus miracles abound at work - The printer printed, the copier copied, the heat heated...
I reread LOTR every year because it takes me away to Middle Earth. :)