15 January 2016

Background Music

Hot off the loom! Rainbow scarf - 10 dent, 65 x 12 inches (without fringe), KP Felici yarn both warp and weft.

I've been thinking a lot about music of late. What I listen to, new music, old music, background music. I just finished weaving a scarf on the big loom, it took me several days. I found I could get in the 'zone' with the right background music and not look up until my back reminded me it was time for a break. I think I need to keep track in my weaving logbook of which music went with which scarf - although I mostly can remember, the scarf brings the music back. For the riotous rainbow scarf above, I felt the urge to listen to John Denver. Don't laugh, but songs like Rocky Mountain High and Calypso made the scarf speed along. (Must be the rainbow) I also listened to American Folk music on this scarf - antique songs like Old Dan Tucker, Rock Island Line, and Erie Canal (Which I remember singing in elementary school).

A previous scarf was done to a punk rock band, another to an alternative band. It's a mystery to me which music will work with which project. I also listen to music while warping my loom, an hour to two hour process. Sometimes it sets the stage for what I'll listen to while weaving. Other times, not so much. I can't write to music, though, I need silence and the thoughts in my head for that, with no competition.

I seem to be stuck in the past of late when it comes to music - I'm listening to artists that started out in the '60's and '70's and are still performing today. One straddles the lines between folk, jazz, country, blues and rock. Maybe that's why I like listening to him. It's taking me a lot to come out of my comfort zone. I listen to the same folk artists, same metal band, same alternative bands, same punk rock. I was recently introduced to a bluesy country band and was actually tempted to buy their album. Unheard of! Usually I wait until my old favorites come out with a new album before I buy any music. I'm on the verge of doing something new. Not sure what to make of that...

So how does music inhabit your life?  Do you do certain tasks to music? Selected music or the radio? (I must confess here I haven't listened to the radio in over two years. Not much musical selection in Wyoming.)  Is there a band or artist I'm missing out on? I'll give most anything a try - except pop country. I do draw the line there. What say you?


Oonah said...

I prefer silence to most music but I love classical and opera. I like some songs -- Leonard Cohen, Jaques Brel, Piaf, Queen -- an eclectic mix but not Country not Bluegrass and NOT JAZZ!

I think it would be lovely if you made a log on here of the which scarf goes with what music so we could try to see/hear the connection.

This scarf is just gorgeous!!!!!

Kathleen Mickelson said...

I second Oonah's comment that the scarf is gorgeous! I listen to music all the time, except when I am working on poetry. Although, sometimes when I read slush, I listen to classical music on public radio. I like radio stations for their community connection - we have a member-supported jazz station that works with the Minneapolis Pubic Schools and students get time on the air which I listen to a lot. Sometimes when I'm doing morning yoga, I listen to chant music (The Cistertian Monks). We have a lot of CDs and stuff on iTunes including classic rock, punk, jazz, classical, blues. Not a country fan. I love to listen to jazz when I'm cooking. Blues and rock when we are hanging out at home on the weekend. Love love love The Black Keys. When you come to Minneapolis, I'll take you to The Electric Fetus, best music store around.

Constance Brewer said...

I need silence to write, but I like creating art to music. Funny how the creative mind works. I'll have to see if I can remember what music went with what scarf. I think I know...

Constance Brewer said...

I wish our radio stations did better, but it's a steady diet of either oldies rock or country. Sometimes I can catch NPR, but not the music sections. I have chant music too - Tibetan Monks. And some Gregorian although it always reminds me of being a kid and going to Catholic church. I will look forward to the Electric Fetus and what gems can be uncovered!