08 January 2016

Fragment Friday - The Fragmented Edition

"These aren't the seeds you're looking for..."

Like little birds at the feeder, thoughts keep rolling around in my head.

Non-spoilery thoughts about Star Wars The Force Awakens. I liked it. I want to see it again. Maybe twice. I like the new characters. And the old characters. How come I can't find a Rey action figure? I need one.

Why is it the beginning of January I get bombarded by mail with subscription offers for all kinds of arts and crafts magazines - except the one I want? I know who sold my name, thanks to the way it appears on the mail. Today I recycled six offers for magazines I'm not really interested in, even at the "special one time low price offer". I did keep the Poets & Writers one, though.

Speaking of magazines, how do I decide to parcel out my literary journal funds this year? Do I buy new-to-me subscriptions? Re-subscribe to the ones I liked last year? There are so many worthy Lit Journals out there, it's hard to choose. What are your must have journals? Literary or otherwise.

If there was a way of physically blowing up iTunes, I would do it. They make it hard to burn an album, then the CD doesn't play in my car. I've listened to the one in my car so much, I can play the guitar and piano notes in my head at work all day long. Having recently been pointed in the way of a new artist, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats, I wonder what else I'm missing by not wandering YouTube more often. Suggestions?

And finally, what are some good soups or stews for the winter? We recently tried an African stew with sweet potatoes, chicken, peanut butter and spices. I liked it, but the other half grumbled. Not his taste. I have potatoes, split peas, chicken, ham hocks, beans, and frozen veggies in stock. Not wanting to make ham and bean soup again, but... it's easy. Any out of the rut recipes out there?


Carla said...

How about Winter chicken hotpot? You can vary the vegetables as you choose, and use beans or split peas instead of the chick peas.

Constance Brewer said...

I remember that recipe. Sounds good. I like chickpeas, but may try it with another bean. Thanks. :)

Split Pea Traveler said...

I think those little birds are saying, "Forget these seeds. Where are our soups and stews?!?" Or wait- maybe that was the Corgis? :) Happy cooking, and I hope you're staying warm in Wyoming! We're about to head to Montana for three months. I'm packing extra long johns.

Constance Brewer said...

Hey, Split Pea Traveler - Have fun in Montana. Don't forget your bomber hat lined with fur!