06 May 2016

Follow Your Nose!

It's no secret that I love dogs. Where Corgis come first in my heart (followed closely by Basenjis) I am always ready to support a worthy cause that has dogs at the center of its mission. My friend Lisa has a rescue Beagle, and she wants to raise awareness and money for the Cascade Beagle Rescue. So she found a rather unique way to do it. Here is the blurb from Cascade Beagle Rescue:

Follow Your Nose: A Hike for Cascade Beagle Rescue

Cascade Beagle Rescue (CBR) speaks beagle. Our mission is to take unwanted, neglected, abused, homeless beagles, and beagles at risk of euthanasia, and provide them with the emotional, medical, and behavioral support they need to be adopted into loving and permanent homes. As a 501c3 nonprofit, CBR is funded solely by contributions and donations. You can imagine then, how we jumped for joy when Lisa Goyne approached us about pairing her long distance hike on the Pacific Crest Trail with a fundraiser for Cascade Beagle Rescue.  450 miles 4 Beagles? That sounded fun!

A long distance hike has been a dream of Lisa’s for years, but as we all know, some dreams take awhile. After drawing on the inspiration of friends and family, and her own rescued beagle, Emmy, Lisa finally decided to go for it this summer. On July 28th, she will begin her trek at the California/Oregon border with the goal of reaching the Bridge of the Gods and Washington five weeks later with $20,000 raised for CBR.

Isn't that cool? Want to support Lisa? Go to her new BeagleNoses page to follow Lisa as she gears up to go on her journey. There's a link to Follow Your Nose on the right hand side where you can donate and help Lisa with her hike. Check back with BeagleNoses often for updates on this grand adventure!


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson said...

That's awesome!

Lisa Goyne said...

Wow! Thanks for posting this, Constance! I appreciate it so much. It's been a rough five weeks here with my grandmother falling ill and passing away, but somehow, I managed to keep enough focus to keep this fundraiser going and we have since raised more $13,000! So thank you again for including it on your blog. I'm back in Oregon now training, dehydrating meals, and figuring out the logistics that go along with a 450 mile hike! Still fundraising too. Even blogging! I put my first post up on beaglenoses.com in a long time today. Felt good! Hope things are well with you. Lisa

Constance Brewer said...

Lisa, I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. My condolences. Glad to hear you raised that much money! I'm not doing anything near as exciting or strenuous as you. I spent 10 days in Iowa City attending the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. Meals were there, and the most difficult walk was uphill in the morning from our hotel to the classrooms on campus. Coffee around every corner. :) Good luck to you, hoping for more updates.