13 May 2016

Fragment Friday - Mid May Roundup

Baaaa, humbug to snow flurries in May

1.  It's mid May in Wyoming, and we had snow this morning. Of course I've seen snow in July here, so not a big deal. And it melted when it hit the ground. How's the weather where you are? Getting your garden planted yet?

2.  I managed to get through the whole day without it dawning on me it was Friday the 13th. Never registered, and nothing bad happened. Are you superstitious? Any rituals you must perform, or things you avoid out of habit?

3.  What are you writing of late? I have competing writings going on in my head, poetry, fantasy novel, idea for another novel. It's like all the characters are at a bar, each one trying to shout out their points. Or that scene on Lord of the Rings at the Council meeting where everyone is arguing about the ring. I'd be the Hobbit in the corner with a headache. "I'll take the damn ring anywhere you please, just SHUT UP."

4.  On submitting to literary magazines - "I've been writing since I was big enough to hold a pencil" does not carry the credentialing weight you think it does. Just sayin'.

5.  Did you know there are apps out there that will read your documents to you? A bit robotic, but boy, do mistakes stand out. Sometimes hearing the piece out loud makes all the difference. Even reading my work out loud to myself will not catch things. But Mrs. Robo-lady does. And I detect no smirking in her voice when she reads a mistake to me. Satisfaction--maybe.


Oonah said...

Three seasons in one here -- usual Brit stuff! No snow now though but we are having a wee blast from arctic air that's turned a bit nippy.
I am not writing much at the moment. The muse is buried in tissues and cough mixture!
I feel like I am on a cusp of some sort but that may be the paracetamols! :( and my voice is fairly robotic!
Friday 13th means nothing to me. I smile benusedly when people mention it. I passed my driver's license on a Frid 13th! Bad luck to everyone else maybe ;)

Constance Brewer said...

Poor muse! A hot toddy is in order.
Poor Friday the 13th. So misunderstood. I even had a black cat once upon a time. No big deal.

kcassmick@gmail.com said...

No snow here although it was cold enough on Saturday morning! I love the idea of an app that will read my stuff back to me. I'll have to check that out! P.S. Love those sheep prints.

Constance Brewer said...

Cold rain this morning as we inch toward spring.
Pretty soon I'll be complaining about the heat!