19 July 2009

And Now For Something Completely The Same

More lino prints. Actually, one lino print and one painting WIP. And Corgi pics, because I know someone Anonymous is going through cute withdrawal.

Remember way back when I posted about What's In Your Basement? and Citizens of The Basement, Redux? Well, I finally got around to making a print from one of the animals that lurks in the basement of Elaine's house. Hopefully this is the first of several.

Cape Buffalo
Lino block print on masa paper, black water soluable ink, hand-rubbed with a baren.

Because I cleaned my art office some (no, really) and the acrylic paints were lurking on my drafting table, I played with a quick painting of a moose. I am woefully out of practice with paint...

Acrylic on canvas

To make up for it, here are a couple of pics of my supervisors, faithfully overseeing my art production, and wondering when I'm going to quit fooling around and fix their dinners.

"Woe is me, I'm starving here. If I had opposeable thumbs, I'd call Dominos..."

"I'm not coming out from under the drafting table until I hear the magic word.



Anonymous said...

Poor Corgis,they have a frightened look,like you were going to paint THEM!

Constance said...

The thought had crossed my mind... although I think the fear was more for their stomachs than their coats.

Kristopher said...

I remember playing around with lino blocks and prints back in high school. They always frustrated me because, I never got the block how I wanted it and once you screwed up, you couldn't go back and fix it.

But yours are incredible.

Constance said...

Kris, thanks. :) I like lino. Been trying woodblocks. Now those are hard. Look up moku hanga method. That's what I want to do someday.

Carla said...

Impressive print. And cute corgis, as ever, though they do look a bit reproachful :-)

Constance said...

Thanks, Carla.
Their dinner was late. I was being subjected to a lot of reproachful looks because of that.

Meghan said...

Adorable puppy!! And I love the prints. Beautiful.

Constance said...

Meghan - thanks. :) Corgis are disgustingly photogenic little beasties.