22 July 2011

Fragment Friday

Here are five writing fragments I have in my files for you to play with. What ideas do they trigger?

1.    Fox-pelt hair cascaded in waves from the peak of a high forehead.

2.    Skin as smooth and heavy as a shot glass.

3.    The hose, in looped rattlesnake coils, waited on the grass.

4.    He wasn’t the first to fry an egg on the summer sidewalk, nor would he be the last, but Bob doubted anyone else’s pavement eggs were as tasty as his.

5.    Merle was obsessed with bees, and in time convinced himself he was immune to their venom.



Anonymous said...

What ideas do they trigger....

1. Crossdresser

2.Barroom trollop

3. Ready to be run over by lawnmower 'cause I don't feel like moving it!

4. What about Bob?
I sure as hell don't want to be where he is!
Wait, maybe that's where he is?

5. Merle,the beekeeping curmudgeon.
Watches Jerry Springer in the morning.
Judge Judy in the afternoon.
Wheel of Fortune at night

Constance Brewer said...

LOL, I think you nailed them, AnonBro.

kc heath said...

I like the first two the best...but I think my mind can't let go of the erotic story I was reading this morning before work --LOL-- Now you expect me to work?!!!!

Steaming here, actually :)

Constance Brewer said...

Go for the story, KC! Steaming or otherwise. :)