19 August 2011

Fragment Friday

1.       Reading on-line newspapers makes me glad I don’t subscribe to a print newspaper. Rather waste electrons than paper. 

2.       I wonder how long it took our ancestors to discover caffeine – or how quickly I should say.

3.       Out of an entire cupful of pens on my desk, a client tried seven before he found one that actually wrote worth a damn. The highlighters work fine, however. 

4.       What did hunter-gatherers do if neither one felt like hunting/gathering? Was there life before takeout?

5.       Did you know it takes an underhand toss to make magnets stick to the file cabinet across the room?



One Minnesota Writer said...

I'm sure there was very little life before take-out. Especially Szechuan take-out. Hmm....dinner....then online newspapers!
We are in the process of shifting periodical subscriptions to our e-reader. I agree about electrons over paper for some of this stuff.

Constance Brewer said...

Take out in Wyoming is...boring.
I do love paper as an artist, but electrons are proving less musty.